Luna Rossa

You never forget the first love... and ITA-45 was it for me :-) It will always remain a hull full of charm, prestige, and pure beauty! 

As you know, to adapt a model to IACC120 Regulation, you have to modify a little the hull's volumes. In ITA-45 case I follow this philosophy: thanks to a photos taken to the true ITA-45 (when it was exhibited in Rome, at Piazza del Popolo), I have perfectly copy the side view. In this way I'm sure to have a model extremely close to the original! But to get extremely close to the original waterline... I should have a displacement of about 3750gr (too light for racing). The IACC120 regulation requires a minimum displacement if 4500gr and with this displacement the draft reaches 52.5 mm and the LOA becomes 977mm (excellent values for optimal performance)! So I think so: to create a model with a douple configuration:

1) If you want to take part of IACC120 regattas, you install the bulb 2850gr: in this way the project is designed and focused for the race trim, so you have peak performance.

2) If you are a purist of forms and volumes ... then bring the displacement at 4000gr (for example installing a bulb of 2350gr, like IOM). With the displacement the model will have a water line very close to the original.

I suggest painting the hull along the 4000gr waterline version, in this way the model, out of the water, will be very close to the original, regardless of the used bulbd. 

Top - Side View:

Bow - Stern View:

Sail Plane:

Technical Specifications:

4500 gr
4000 gr
Lenght Over All:
1200 mm
1200 gr
 Lenght Bow:
76 mm
95 mm
Lenght Water Line
977 mm
938 mm
Lenght Stern :
147 mm
167 mm
190 mm
190 mm
Waler Line Beam: 
180,7 mm
Hull Draft:
52,5 mm
48,5 mm
Total Draft:
472,5 mm
Lenght Fin:
390 mm
Lenght Rudder:
20 mm
Bulb weight:
2850 gr
 2350 gr
Wetted Hull Area:
16,2 dmq
Water Plane Area:
13,21 dmq
Mast Height
1710 mm
 1710 mm
Sail Area:
77,32 dmq
Main Sail Area 
50,17 dmq 
Jib Area:
27,15 dmq 

Download Project:

The project is finish at 100% :-)

ITA45 (IACC120)Plotter.pdf

ITA45 (IACC120) A4.pdf