This is one of most popular and fast Iacc120 Project! It won a lot of Cups!

Top - Side View:

Bow - Stern View:

Set 1
Set 2
Mast Height:
     1700 mm
Mast Height:
      1500 mm
Mast Diameter:
        10 mm
Mast Diameter:
          10 mm
Sail Area:
   77,60 dmq
Sail Area:
    59,95 dmq
Main Sail Area:
   50,20 dmq
Main Sail Area:
    40,20 dmq
Jib Area:
   27,40 dmq
Jib Area:
    19,75 dmq

Technical Specifications:

4500 gr
Lenght Over All:
1200 mm
Lenght Water Line:
952 mm
190 mm
WaterLine Beam:
175 mm
Hull Draft:
53,5 mm
Total Draft:
473 mm
Lenght Fin:
378 mm
Lenght Rudder:
200 mm
Weight Bulb:
2800 gr
Wetted Surface Area:
15,9 dmq
WaterLine Hull Area:
12,4 dmq

Download the Project:

Alinghi SUI-100 Rev2 (IACC120) Plotter.pdf

Alinghi SUI-100 Rev2 (IACC120) A4.pdf

Sail Plane Set 2 Alinghi SUI-100 (IACC120) Plotter.pdf

Sail Plane Set 2 Alinghi SUI-100 (IACC120) A4.pdf